In line with our commitment to fostering economic development, employability, and fostering a culture of skilled individuals in the automotive sector, Vonos Autos is proud to present the Basic Automobile Training Programme. This programme is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower individuals with essential knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. This programme, consisting of five distinct training options, offers participants the opportunity to gain expertise in various aspects of automobile maintenance, repair, and restoration. Our training sessions will predominantly focus on practical hands-on experiences to ensure participants gain valuable, real-world skills and knowledge. We believe that active engagement in practical exercises is the most effective way for participants to become proficient in the field of auto maintenance.


Our training programme comprises the following five training options, each of which equips participants with specialized skills: 

  • Auto-Maintenance Training 
  • Body-Works and machine operations Training
  • Auto-Painting Training
  • Auto-Garage Management Training
  • Auto-Repair Training
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